KUMASI WITH THE POSSE! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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We are seriously going to put our backs into this tour! We have always been serious about it but, it’s been partially untrue, we have been living sweet dreams of finally being on tour.

Maybe Kumasi is where we got serious, where we realised if we don’t work, the tour won’t, too.
Think about the various intricacies of touring that is always hooded by selfies and dope action shots of skaters doing karate chop in the air with their boards, kick flipping, ollieing, nose bleeding. Think about how stressful it is to be meticulous in curating and then the job being perfect, think about the stress and social anxiety of being around a bunch of people who you have never lived or travelled anywhere with and suddenly you’re all on tour together and have to tolerate each other’s idiosyncrasies, think about mosquitoes, eating food you don’t want to eat, sleeping on the floor, on the couch, on each other, think about managing stress levels through all these and then when you can’t hold it in it finally finds its way up to your neck and out of your mouth!


We take the blame. We have been insensitive; to time, to cost of our tour, ourselves, to planning and also logistics.

OG, Chance, Ekow (the graffiti artist) and Lee are Skaters from the Achimota skate park and they have very bad habits of jumping out of the car randomly to skate when there is traffic, and then we have to wait for them at a junction, or go back to get them when they get lost or miss their way!

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“Nobody loves skating more than the other!”

And other things that are nerve racking and mind bending, not to mention… we got fed up after two days in Kumasi. The Surf Ghana crew went out for cocktails and a mini club get together at The View and after properly mixed chemicals entered our system we gathered round and held a meeting.


No more not assisting with heavy items from the bus or helping with preparations for the event.

No more time wasting in any form, especially over sleeping.

No more being idle at the event (Not teaching the kids how to skate, not taking regular photographs, not making videos, abandoning everything to skate.

We love skating, but we had to get to hardworking. And we did.

Kumasi was a blast for one reason, the kids came out to play and learn with crew. It was a circus for real, and nobody was caught alive being idle.

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What to do in Kumasi:

Drink coconut water.

Visit the market.

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