Weird sea creatures lost in the Green Woods

What happens anywhere should stay there but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I don’t tell you a little about what we did in Abonom village. They don’t want you to know, that’s why they kept all the good stuff  up in the mountains away from people who aren’t so daring. Challenge accepted. You all know Surf Ghana, The skate tour is all about daring and pushing the limits and so the whole gang took a rather short trip from Kumasi to Abonom village, we left our lodge in Kumasi at exactly 6 A.M in the morning and was enroute the village. If it wasn’t for the road blocks from police officers who wanted bribe (handouts?) despite the fact that they were told our mission of youth development and restructure, we would have arrived earlier than 8:20 A.M in the morning.

Abonom Village

Picture this: A predominantly fishing village surrounded by mountains, and the tribes find sustenance from the lake that is in the middle of the mountain as they were seen bathing, cooking, washing, drinking and swimming in the lake at the same time. Without considering their health or cleanliness of the water. In the 21st century it raises hard questions about why a group of people should live in an unclean archaic way, having to trek from villages after villages to procure needed sustenance, without any faster means of transportation created by the Government. Just like how we are forced to skate on the street because a skate park has not been  provided for the Ghanaian youth. A lot is happening everywhere and the skate tour is giving us much needed experiences.

Green Ranch was where we stayed for the day in Abonom, it was our natural habitat and we dwelled in serenity. Up in the mountains a natural mystic flowed through the air, with night creatures chipping through the night. Peaceful, and green like it’s name in every sense. From the mood in the air, it was easy to decipher that all the Skate tour crew members loved the environment.




After an assorted breakfast (French toast, fresh orange juice, lemonade and oats), after taking a long swim at the lake with the whole skate fam pretending to be weird sea creatures in the water, splashing about like little children.  After that we prepared the tour buses and headed to the skating grounds so we can get down to business.


Abonom village had a massive turn out! Almost the whole village came out or granted their kids permission to skate or for Surf Ghana to teach them how to skate at Paradise hotel. Some parents also came out to witness the experiences. The grounds we used was perfect (slopy and smooth) and it was an event to remember.

DSC_0336DSC_0287DSC_0380DSC_0355DSC_0339DSC_0294DSC_0362DSC_0356Processed with VSCO with f1 presetDSC_0383


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