If Takoradi worked so well it was only because of Teamwork.

Takoradi was orgasmic, can’t tell us nothing. Sit down, be humble. Takoradi humbled everyone, it wasn’t just the massive turnout, it was the strong welcoming energy and the vibration of the people, it was encouraging, joyful and filled with so many fun activities that it was hard to keep track of everything that was happening at the same time!

Processed with VSCO with g7 presetProcessed with VSCO with g7 presetProcessed with VSCO with g7 preset

Comparing cities, like people, is a no no, but being in Taadi begs for city comparisons.
Statistics according to the Skate crew says that Kumasi was chilled in regards to Asphalt and slopes to skate on, but! When we had the event at the stadium the turn out wasn’t as much as Takoradi, we heard through the grapevine that the people In Kumasi are snobbish and don’t care for visitors or entertaining them, but that was fine, our impact was still felt and wouldn’t be soon forgotten. Peki was great for Asphalt to skate on, a half bowl and a large space to install barriers for maneuvers. If you watched the videos on our page you can see the youthful/childish vibration as there were mostly kids wanting to and skating hard in Peki, it was a real competition for even the other older experienced skaters. Thlhe kids in Peki are Badass board grinders, no doubt. Abonom village was a relaxation spot more than an active skating expedition like Kumasi or Peki or Takoradi, but it was nice to see and have a place to skate and share our culture with the children of the village, as well as relax and have us a good time.
Takoradi came to life because of team work, calling it what it is. And the most beautiful thing about Taadi was that it was an unconscious joint effort, every crew member knew his place and played his position perfectly, even switching places and post was done with ease and fluidity without adding a glitch to the event.

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On a previous blog post the challenges we have been facing as a team in regards to coming and working together as diverse personalities has been expressed, but in Takoradi we witnessed what can only be explained as a synchronisation of mind and spirit between crew members. I believe this level of cooperation between the team and the fun we were having with each other was what attracted the crowd to want to be a part of our celebration. And that is what the Skate Tour is strictly about, the love of sharing the joy, stunts, fashion and supreme art of skateboarding in whatever city we find ourselves, with whatever group of people we are surrounded by, without caring about creed or colour.
Without forgetting about the kids, this is a special. Shout out to the kind of energy they came with, a lot of enthusiasm, laughter, screams of elation, excitement and most of all freedom. Surf Ghana is counting on their childish, innocent and young impressionable minds to cherish and keep the memory of a time when Skaters from the Capital of their Great Country, Ghana, travelled across to share, in good spirit and camaraderie, the beauty of the sacred art of skateboarding.

20180101_175435Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
It was even more fun that the Festival of Ancost was in celebration on that very day, 1st January, the street was a mix of festivities and people kung-fu flipping in the air on skateboards.

DSC_0496DSC_0562Processed with VSCO with g7 presetProcessed with VSCO with g7 preset
Because it was in the streets it was easy to connect with the people, and it was possible by the help of Rolllerfest organisation who helped us block the road and find a good location. Thank you, Takoradi.



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