A brief history of skateboarding in Busua before a park, before a bowl and before sponsors.


The brainchild of The Skate Tour Gh which is Surf Ghana began in Busua through a vision for promoting/encouraging surfing in Ghana, and then finally skateboarding. So in that sense Busua is home and being there was like a reunion between mother earth and child. It is a beautiful place, a small village in the middle of a jungle, but rich in tourist attractions nevertheless because of the wonderful, clean, plastic and waste free beach, other sites to see as well as the famous Asa Baako festival that is held annually in March.

It was mandatory that we visited Busua on the skate tour not because the tour has been flowing on a pattern where we go to a city and actively skate and promote skateboarding and then head to a town that is a relaxation spot/skate promotion ground, but because of the friends and family there, the old memories and the need to make new ones that will last.
Busua is a small village and so there is nowhere to skate except on the main road, a small park and then inside a bowl that was made a long time ago, according to Jacob, a Busua skateboarder who is also based in Taadi.
The history of skateboarding in Busua started with Jacob and his brother who fell in love with the art 9-10 years ago, they began learning and mastering their skills with the help of a tourist who gave Jacob the first Skateboard he owned and used for eight years after which he quit and stopped practicing because skateboarding in Ghana was heading no where, until the conception of Surf Ghana and it’s sponsorship. Before a park or a bowl, Jacob and his brother being the only Skateboarders in Busua, they practiced on the road, until a tourist named Michel Larson visited Busia and made the bowl.

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Processed with VSCO with q4 presetProcessed with VSCO with q4 preset

We made due of what we had and put on a show for the kids in the village who were more than willing to learn how to skateboard. It is really just as simple as that, everyday we put on a show for children like we have done in every stop (Peki, Kumasi, Abonom village, Nzulezu) and then teach them how to skate.




In regards to this trip, Busua was meant to be a surfing break, because more than skateboarding, most of the crew members wanted to jump inside the sea to practise surfing and that is a vivid example of how he diversity of the collective that is Surf Ghana, it is a mix of both skateboarding and surfing with a French taste that has been very pronounced throughout the journey based on the places we stop at to have respite. Also, the kids in Busua who are surfers wanted to put on a show of how good they have become since surf Ghana touched their shores two years ago.

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