Cape Three Points is the perfect escape.

According to a Rastafarian who dwells in the serene plains close to the beachfront, the Queen of England was in Ghana, Cape Three points, for one whole month. And why not? Cape Three points is one of the most important beaches in Ghana where only a few people know about it’s existence or have ventured down the rocky, muddy, undeveloped parts of the country to find it and enjoy it. The rarity.
Cape Three Points is a small island in the Western Region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean located between the coastal village of Dixcove and town of Princes Town, Ghana. Cape Three Points is known as the “land nearest nowhere” because it is the land nearest a location in the sea which is at 0 latitude, 0 longitude and 0 altitude (the distance is about 570 km) and it marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea.
Cape Three Points is best known for its lighthouses, the first of which was constructed in 1875 by the British as a navigational aid for trading vesselssailing through the Gulf of Guinea. And it is very true when I say that the lighthouse at Cape Three Points is so important that when it got broken, there was a lot of shipwreck that put a dent to trading transactions for a whole month until it was fixed by the villagers.

The peninsula is a small fortress, it is paradise.




By now everybody knows Surf Ghana is a new way to see Ghana through skateboarding, with a French vibe, so it was tantamount to visit the island to create new memories with the crew, to surf the waves and to enjoy a swim and walks on the beach.



We lodged at xcape 3 points for a day and the crew loved the French vibes, but nobody loved the food on the first night we arrived, it was rice and a vegetarian sauce that was meant to be a side but turned out to be the main thing, wow, Mensah (a skateboarder from Trade fair) compared it to something not so nice (hahaha!). The chef got the message, we are all meat loving  cannibals.

It was nice to be at Cape Three points, the games we played, the times we shared at the beach shooting the breeze and eating fresh almonds picked from everywhere (there are a lot of almond trees in Cape Three points). When we decided to skate and teach the town about skateboarding, it was almost a sad event.

In Cape Three points there are not enough schools, and that was sad to see in an environment filled with so much promising children,  and even more because communication was a bit difficult for the crew members in regards to teaching.



But we tried. Haha–good try, but no one, only a few (maybe) understand the central local dialect which is Twi. But we tried, we took pictures and gave out goodies to the kids. A small community center was where we were stationed, it was unkempt and so it wasnt much that we could do, but our presence was felt and will not be long forgotten.



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