Nzulezu, Nzulezo, Potato, potatoe.

Promoting skateboarding nationwide has taught us a few things, kids are never born into something, they’re taught, and as soon as children see a very good example of a kind of lifestyle or culture they really admire they will pick it up and imitate with ease.
It is the same way village children rally around our crew, Surf Ghana Skate Tour Gh tour bus, curious about what our activities entails, and as soon as they watch and understand what the activity is all about,  they itch to be a part of it because skateboarding is a really beautiful extreme sport to watch.


As soon as the children are told they can partake in the sports event, given free gear and skateboards, they put their backs in it and try to imitate (with the help of designated skateboarding teachers who are part of the crew).

Nzulezu or Nzulezo is in the middle of nowhere, like it’s name, it is just water and a few land that is not flat. But as long as children live there and  the location has a motor able road, surf Ghana is going there. The village of Nzulezo (or Nzulezu) is located near the village of Beyin, 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana. For a quicker reference, it is located where the Ghanaian gas processing company is located, or the old slave fort popularly know as Fort Appollonia.


As far as the Skate Tour Gh is concerned, we were in Nzulezu for a day to teach the kids in the village how to skateboard and then award a child who showed promise a brand new skateboard to foster practice and learning. But before all of that we had to go introduce ourselves to the local community chief to get his approval, after that we set up our event and it was underway. Just like we have been doing for a long time, nothing changed.




After Nzulezu we were heading to Cape 3 points its and so we had to leave a little earlier so as to be able to drive safely on the bad roads leading there. But who said Nzulezu didn’t have bad roads? Say no more, due to a small traffic we decided to drive into the woods to take a shortcut but it turned out to be a tire trap, our car sunk into the sand and left us digging for our dear lives, in the middle of nowhere. It took the help of the villagers for us to be able to escape the road and head back into town heading to Cape 3 points.

Besides eating rice and stew that we are very much tired of since the tour began, that was our only difficulty in Nzulezo.


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