Shredding Cape Coast, revisiting history, creating history.

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We saved the best for last. We went everywhere save for Cape Coast and then Accra.
Cape coast is popular for many things be it trading, a tourist destination, the University of Cape Coast, and the Cape Coast Castle.

Brief history lesson.
Cape Coast was founded by the people of Oguaa, according to Wikipedia, we didn’t ask we just started skateboarding. After this great discovery by the Oguaa people, the Portuguese came along and decided to build a trading fort in the area to facilitate easy trade and acquisition of raw materials like rubber, fish, gold, honey, slaves etc. In 1610 more people had started to become attracted to Cape Coast, like the Swedes who came along and built a gigantic lodge that is now known as the Cape Coast Castle, a present day tourist destination that draws all kinds of race to its front door.


Most of what is termed modern cape coast expanded around this castle, using it as the main landmark of the area. The Dutch became excited when they heard the news of Cape Coast, they had to go see for themselves. When the Dutch docked at Cape Coast they saw that they had to fight the Portuguese for it and after defeating the Portuguese, the Dutch took over the Castle and expanded the fortress, but they didn’t hold ownership for too long because it was captured by the British Circa 1664. For the British, Cape Coast Castle became where most of the slaves were held before their transatlantic journey to their sugarcane and cotton plantations.

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Visitng historic places was part of itinerary of Surf Ghana because it is important to go back to where it all began and learn a thing or two about the history of our people, as well as create new positive history that will also boil down through the ages. A history of a time when skateboarders travelled miles across the country to promote skateboarding and surfing to the youth of every environment they found themselves in.

Promoting skateboarding in Cape Coast was easy, it was as if the kids had been waiting a long time for something different to come their way, and so the moment we set up our event on the hoop court, they came flooding in large numbers hoping to get a chance to skate.

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And it wasn’t about just the kids in Cape Coast, it was the whole town. They welcomed us, gave us a space to promote our event even though there were no prior arrangements.

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As the event was underway, the body in charge of youth development and empowerment paid us a visit and was impressed, the officials commended our efforts and promised to deliver our message of goodwill, youth encouragement, youth development and empowerment to the ears of the government of Ghana, and that was worth more than Gold.


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