So Good to be home, yet so sad.

It is only fair that the Accra exhibition be better than the rest because of home advantages, just being back in Accra gave everyone in the team an energy boost because of the familiarity of the environment, just the feeling of being back to your city was enough.
The Surf Ghana crew arrived Accra around the hour of 8:53 P.M, 5th of January and as we drove in the city, some skateboarders decided to alight and head home to have proper rest and respite before the final day, why not? What better is there to save hotel cost than by having a great time with families that missed them all through the period they were on tour.

Speaking of family, on the night of our arrival to Accra, The Surf Ghana crew were guests of a skateboarder, OG (John) and his family, after they gave us a first-class hospitality with a place to spend the night and good food to eat in their house before our big day. It was there we were able to regroup as a team to reminisce about the tour,  laugh, have drinks and plan for the final day.

The plan for the final exhibition was to repeat the same plans from the first travel stop, promote skateboarding to the kids in the surrounding environments, curate an event of teaching skateboarding to kids, painting skateboarding for the kids to see other forms of art they might like to imitate beside skateboarding and also, give out a skateboard to a child who shows promise of being a good skateboarder. Besides that, the grand idea of the tour is also to make a skateboarding documentary with all the locations we have visited and so it was part of our itinerary to visit and make skateboarding videos in certain locations that will be nice to feature in the documentary, historical places or generally important sites that people will like to see in videos about Accra or every other place we visited. In Accra it was paramount that we visited the Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum to make a few these videos, the national theatre, and also we visited the Jamestown Lighthouse to make some videos, mostly because that was the same exact area in which skateboarding was first exhibited in Ghana at the Chale Wote Festival.

The next day, 12:00 P.M, 6th of January, we were at a tradefair to prepare for the event. Not really, we just started skateboarding and shredding the environment, but this drew people to where we were and so we had to set up music and then the skate shop. Our skate shop consisted of mostly our official T-shirts, our pins and pictures we took on tour. All of which proceeds we use to support skateboarding in Africa, Ghana.

It felt so good to be home, yet so sad!

At home there are better ramps and boards to do stunts, a better, wider, space the skateboarders are used to, there were a multitude of spectators who cheered loud and most of all, the rest of the skate fam who couldn’t come on tour with the gang came around to have fun together as a team. But we didn’t want what we were already used to, we hoped that when we are back in Accra, our city, we will be able to skate wherever we liked, the streets most especially, and that a lot of people who haven’t seen us perform before will come out to watch us and so did they,  but not enough.

Maybe because we (@)SurfGhana (mostly) used Instagram as a means to disseminate information about the tour we felt that not a lot of people were following our program but being in Accra, at Tradefair, to have the final skateboarding exhibition, that notion was put to sleep. The support in attendance was enough to write home about, it wasn’t just kids, there were also a lot of adults willing to learn how to skateboard. Photographers came out, video directors and an appearance by Decathlon Ghana who came around with their sale truck to put on a show for the crowd.

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Speaking for all the crew when it is said that we felt really sad and nostalgic about the event coming to an end. What will be next, what will we do a day after the event is over? We never know. It brings a bittersweet feeling to think about all that we did from stop to stop (Peki, Kumasi, Abono Village, Takoradi, cape Three points, Nzulezu,  Busua, Cape Coast and finally Accra) all the fun we had, memories we shared and food that we ate.

In general, it was a great tour and even before it ended, we missed it and want it back again and again. And more importantly, we hope that something more comes after this, something bigger than everyone of us, to the glory of skateboarding in Africa, Ghana.


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