This tour organised by SURF GHANA aims at promoting skateboarding in other Ghanaian communities who are naive about Skateboarding as a profound new form of art.

Surf Ghana is a collective of surfers and skateboarders based in Ghana and our wish is to push the concept of skateboarding far and wide the country, to other African countries and even to the world, it is an answer to a question which says: “are there skateboarders in Ghana?”
Yes, there are lots of skateboarders in Ghana!

Surf Ghana aims to support and contribute to the democratisation of easy access to Board-sports and practices for all Ghanaians.
Some of the ways in which we have been able to promote the skateboarding culture has been through.


We collect materials from Europe all year
We provide free initiation and orientation to the practice of Board-sport.
We create our own skateboarding ramp
We produce skateboarding competitions during festivals


ASA BAAKO Music festival (200 attendees) – Asa Baako festival featured music, surfing and skateboarding and other fun games that promoted the culture to those in attendance, it was indeed a great experience Surf Ghana will like to share with other parts of Ghana, with Ghanaians and with Foreigners.
CHALE WOTE Street art festival (3000 attendees) – The Chale Wote Street Art Festival was the grand opening of Surf Ghana. Due to the number of people who were in attendance on that very day, Surf Ghana used the opportunity to organise the first boards exhibition in collaboration with 23 artists from Ghana, London and Paris, and also they hosted a skating competition and awarded the winner with a prize.

Surf Ghana is a family and a fraternity that fosters good growth and pushes solid narratives the youth of the country can hold on to in regard to a brighter future and a place to belong. Our long term ambition is to foster the transfer of skills and provide surf and skate boards designed and made solely by Surf Ghana. We believe in making skateboard easy and cheap to own so that participation becomes easy.

This SKATE TOUR by SURF GHANA is beyond skateboarding and playing music, it is more than travelling and exploring life in new cities. For us, Surf Ghana, this project is first of all a real opportunity to showcase Ghanaian culture through a new way of life that is beneficiary to youth culture development and empowerment.

Surf Ghana Collective